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  That Is: The Unpublished Publications  

 Varia & Curiosa Hydraulica, Pneumatica,
Mechanica, Automatica, Cryptologica, Magica, 
Chronometrica, Cabalistica, Informatica etc. etc.

 Iohannes Petrus Grammaticus Auctor & Editor 

This is part of my collection of unpublished publications. They are neither sensational nor claim being very original thoughts. But they try to match scientific and technical areas which sometimes seem to be far apart. They try to open your mind for solving convential problems with unconventional methods. Some seemingly difficult questions have trivial answers - if you see structures others don't see. Some apparently simple questions may lead directly into a black algebraic abyss. Some solutions which seem to work are simply misleading. This site could be understood quite well as a history of flaws and wrong arguments and of the development of modern science.

This site is a collection of nonworkable machines, stupid ideas, riddles, open questions - and spurious useful algorithms, historical remarks and unconventional mathematical approaches, which are placed here for discussion.

This site is based on my german collection of unpublished publications. As this english version is very new, you will find texts which are only partially translated or pages which are not available. I kindly ask for some patience, but I hope you will enjoy the final result.
As this is only a tiny part of my german collection, you may want to check the complete incomplete collection here.