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Apart from the links to technical museums there are other treasures in the internet.

General Articles
The Museum of Unworkable Devices is a collection of typical PMM ideas and methods to analyze them. You will find historcal and modern concepts, physics and facts about inventors. Rich list of British patents based on Henry Dircks' book.
Texts which should be read by PMM inventors and followers of the free energy fraction. Those who take the challenge to follow the mathematical conclusions, may supposedly get a richer impression about scientifc methods and their usage to deflate unworkable ideas.
Texts partly in english, partly in german
An overview of mechanical PMMs. An other collector's omnium gatherum.
Uwe Gebranzig, physicist and patent attorney writes about the impossibility of PMMs and problems to get patents for it.
An article about cranks, crackpots and researchers and the impossible PMM.
Giovanni Battista della Porta's famous "Magia Naturalis" as original latin text and and english translation.
Vittorio Zoncas book "Novo teatro di machine et edificii" as onlne edition. The university library of Naples has made the pages available to the public as high-resolution bitmaps.
Kevin Kilty's considerations about some PMM concepts and why they don't work.
The Rolling Ball Web is the site of an enterprise which works in the area of rolling-ball clocks. This particular page gives an overview about the history of perpetual motion machines.
Important hints, who you can get richt with perpetual machine claims, how to dupe people and to rip them off.
Eric's skeptic page. A site worth reading, containing a lot of information. Besides perpetual motion inventors of doubtful reputation, many esoteric frauds and false claims are described and uncovered.
Richard Manors considerations and analysis of perpetual machine concepts.
The 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica article on PMM.
A critical discussion of free energy claims and magnetic machines.

 Inventors and Their Machines
The Keely Engine Company is an inventor's portrait. Keely demonstrated some workable devices - but... Here you can learn the whole story. KEELY MOTOR HUMBUG
A large collection of articles about and by John W. Keely.
The Adams Motor Page. A magnetic machine and a complaint about the scientific establishment.
Claims, questions and answers around Amin's entropy engine
The Telepolis article on Amins entropy engine
Felix Würth's machine which turns gravity into energy. Why haven't you bought shares already?
An article by W. D. Bauer about Felix Würth's claim of having built an overunity machine. Bauer seems to be a follower of Würth's ideas and had published this text earlier, in which he proved overunity behaviour. After protests, Bauer revised the text. Current conclusion: the machine obeys the laws of thermodynamics.
The links and the whole site currently seem to be inactive.

 The Bessler Wheel

An outstanding classic PMM area is Bessler's work. Even today, the topic delivers material for many discussions and theories. As it seems that the truth never will be uncovered for certain, this is a large field for speculation.
A well-designed site with good and rich material about Bessler and his machines. As far as the content is managed by the webmaster, this seems to be one of the best internet resources about Orffyreus. The site tends to the opinion, that Bessler had invented a real PMM and was not fraud but rather a victim of his ennemies.
The site provides a discussion forum with a broad range of topics, some of them useful for further research work, most of them on basic level.
A somewhat less sceptical site, where not all facts are critically checked and reliable.
Site with high ambitions and an analysis about the hypthetical function of the Bessler wheel. What should I say? "A very impressive insight" - Maybe.
Alden E. Park's highly speculative article about Bessler's wheel and other PMMs.

 Free Energy and Perpetuum Mobiles

Here you find items, which the world desperateley needs since long: Perpetua Mobilia, overunity machines and free-energy-powered devices. How could mankind survive up to now without these inventions?
Ken Amis' sharp-witted analysis how the scientific and commercial establishment suppresses perpetual motion inventions and free energy machines. A must-read!
Professor Ewert is an inventor, who mostly delivers theories, explains why his theories will work, and asks technically skilled persons to check his theories by practical constructions. Prof. Evert provides many ideas, and some of them are real brain teasers (though obviously not intend as those). He is a follower of ether theories and other free energy stuff.
Although many of the items seem not to withstand a closer formal examination, there are good discussion points. But often, theories are explained in more words than needed and few facts and formulae. A good example is Don Martin's corner ring generator.
A discussion forum of the open theory community about perpetual motion machines.
Some articles about the SMOT device
Free energy and magnetic driven machines.
An article looking serious at the first glance: REGAUGING and Multivalued Magnetic Scalar Potential:Master Overunity Mechanisms. Does it work or not? Or what?

 Science and Technology Curiosities

And now for something completely different....
George Bourbaki's patents. Check this, if you need a New meter for etheric wind speed or a Device to prove the existence or non-existence of photons.
All those, who think that normal PMM constructions are not cranky enough, will find fresh material here.
If you did not know up to now: the earth is no disk, as erroneously assumed, but a hollow sphere!
... or probably not.
For all who are interested in crank stuff, esoteric fraud and voodoo science, this is a good starting point to obtain useful links. All aspects covered, from scientific and sceptical to crackpots.


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